Mother’s Milk Bank Donation Wall

Mother's Milk Bank Donation Wall

Non-profit organization, Mother’s Milk Bank, asked us to install a metal donation wall that would be used as a magnet board to showcase their donors. Maximum sheet size for most sheet metals is 4′ x 10′. Since this wall measured 5′ x 10′, we pieced two sheets together and cut-to-fit onsite to ensure a perfect fit. Known as “paint grip”, this type of metal is paint ready if desired. If left raw, visible scratches will be inevitable and white rust will develop when exposed to the elements, specifically water.

Magnetic and writable, metal walls make a great addition to your office or home. If you have a design idea in mind, send it to us.


*Mother’s Milk Bank is a non-profit organization that saves babies lives by providing prescribed, pasteurized donor human milk to hospitals and neonatal intensive care units. To find out more, or if you would like to donate or get involved, please visit

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