Todd Thomason – Owner

Todd is our senior sheet metal engineer and project manager. With over twenty years of experience in the sheet metal industry, he has developed a vast array of knowledge that expands from roofing, to industrial applications, to HVAC designs. His visual ability to see your 2-D project in a three-dimensional space, allows him to provide you with detailed drawings or animations of what your product will look like even before it hits the production line. While technical and mathematical skills are of supreme importance, it’s his high attention to detail and personable style that make working together easy.


Jamie Thomason – Co-owner

Jamie is our assistant sheet metal engineer and administrative manager. For the past four years, she has been involved in the manufacturing and construction industries and has discovered her passion in working in these fields. Her attention to detail and innate organizational ability help her accomplish the everyday behind-the-scenes tasks, while her dedication, independence, and determination help her accomplish the physically demanding and creative tasks of building quality products.



James Guest | Guest Roofing, Inc.

“Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the absolute quality of the job you did…..”

“The architect was very pleased and said the work was some of the best he had seen. We look forward to our next project together. Thanks for all of your hard work.”